Power Generation

We are burning sweet natural gas everywhere at our facility :- Fabric Process machines (Direct Fired) Power Generation Plants.

During 1988, 6 Gas Engines were installed to make Al-Karam meet its additional power needs. Later on in 1992, Al-Karam opted to install its own in house Co-generation plant that would serve as a stable and reliable on site source of electric power and process steam and also enhancing Al-Karam’s competitive position by substantially reducing its energy cost. This was done by installing two 3.3 MW Solar – Caterpillar Gas Turbines and 17 Tons per hour Waste Heat Recovery Boiler.

Recently in 2006 AL-Karam upgraded its Gas Engines with more efficient version of four 1.5 MW Caterpillar Gas Engines along with two 2.5 Ton / hour duplex waste heat recovery system placed at the exhaust flue of the Generators.

Textile is a wet processing industry. To comply with national and international environment legislations and standards, Al-Karam is in a process to establish a modern effluent treatment plant under the supervision of Royal Netherlands Embassy. The plant will be commissioned by April – May 2008.

In 2007, on an experiment basis, Al-Karam brought a part of the hot flue gases of the gas turbines to one of the stenters in the Finishing unit at 135 degrees centigrade. The set point of the stenter machines is approximately 160 degree centigrade. The rest of the heat is supplemented by its own burners. In rupee terms it comes out to a savings of Rs 2.4 million / year /stenter. Al-Karam intends to bring all the flue gases of the gas turbines to rest of the stenters in its Finishing Unit.

During late 2006 Al-Karam Textile Mills with the help of the Government of Pakistan and the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development participated in the Pakistan – German Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program (REEE).

Under the guidance of cleaner production institute we are targeting pollution at source whether it is solid, liquid or gaseous. Caustic & size recovery are the verge of equipment selection in Al-Karam.

The findings of this audit suggested various energy conservation measures with a bottom line savings of about 10% of the energy being used at Al-Karam and or Rs 25 million per annum.

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